Priya Hart

About Me

A juggler keeps several balls flying through the air. If one falls down, she immediately picks it up and tosses it up again. That’s me, juggling family, yoga, writing, friends and nature. Family means stability, grounding, home and hugs. Yoga is a way of life and a gift of grace. Writing is an inner glow - lights, heats and blazes. Friends are a circle of warmth and support, and nature is a constant source of life and beauty.
I was born in Tel Aviv in the summer of 1951, the youngest child, a sister to two older, supportive and protective brothers. All my life, I was surrounded by close friends. From kindergarten, through Hashomer Hatzair and high school, where I majored in science, and later, when I served as a squadron administrative officer in the Israeli Air Force.
During my undergraduate studies of psychology in Tel Aviv, I began to practice yoga and met Swami Venkatesananda. I felt I reached a good and surprisingly familiar place, and acquired a spiritual teacher with great knowledge, wisdom, humor and love. After graduation, I married Sergiu, my life partner since age 19. I continued to learn and absorb all that I could from the Swami in Israel, India, and any place in the world that I could reach. He encouraged me to learn from other great yogis as well. I started teaching yoga, translated the works of the Swami to Hebrew, and wrote several books. My teacher died ten years from the day I first met him.
Three years later, Sergiu and I had two wonderful and special daughters and my life centered on our family. Still, I continued to teach yoga and to write. As the girls grew, we moved to Beit Zait and I went back to the classroom - this time to the Department of Indian Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I was fortunate to learn Sanskrit with Professor David Shulman, and Indian culture and literature with Dr. Yohanan Grinshpon. During those years I’ve added other dear friends, and my morning nature walks in the Jerusalem hills are a continuous source of inspiration.
Do I continue to toss colorful balls in the air, or are they the ones letting me fly? In life’s incessant movement, sometimes I relax and let go, and suddenly everything quiets down and all is still and calm.