Upside Down

Cover design & illustrations: Raaya Karas 

Upside Down
Upside Down


The beauty of this book lies in its fascinating combination of evolution, philosophy and culture, in its delicate mix of personal stories, research and science, all presented in writing that pulses with wisdom and sensitivity. I couldn't put it down.

Motty Perry, Professor of Economics, Center for the Study of Rationality,
Hebrew University in Jerusalem


The author bridges evolutionary theory and yoga theory in an original and profound way. With a special, personal perspective which is told in riveting style, the author brilliantly surveys issues at the forefront of rationalist research, and takes us deep into the worlds of the soul.
Avi Shmida, Professor of Ecology, Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Founder and Director of Rotem - Israel Plant Information Center


Priya Hart's personal journey offers a rare opportunity to take a new look at natural phenomena. Her intriguing and touching personal stories, combined with fascinating anecdotes about the lives of monkeys, fish and bacteria, to name but a few, afford a new perspective on man's place in the natural world and whether his natural arrogance is truly justified. This is a deeply personal, original and thought-provoking book
Dr. Yohanan Grinshpon, Indian Studies Department, Hebrew University in Jerusalem